Offer your clients and athletes a unique in-studio or gym experience tailored to their needs. I do either 3-hour full-body "Mobility For Performance" workshop or two, 2-hour workshops that split focus into upper and lower body. See below for descriptions. Workshops are designed for groups of 10-30 people. I will bring a qualified assistant if attendance is 20+. I will travel to you with any equipment needed. 

Please drop me a line with any further questions or booking inquiries - jess@therecoveryrx.net



This 3-hour workshop focuses on mobility and flexibility from head to toe. We address shoulder and hip mobility and stability through self-massage techniques, stretches, prehab exercises, and breath work for optimum performance. Basic functional anatomy for athletes is covered, as well as tune-ups for specific exercises including, but not limited to squats, jerks, handstands, dips, and front rack positioning.



In this workshop, address hip mobility, strength, and proper positioning to move pain free. We learn how and when to engage the glutes to execute speed and explosiveness for sport. This workshop explains how loading the hips and bracing the core prevent excessive force and injury in the low back, knees, and ankles. We also identify muscular imbalances, improve mobility, and address weaknesses by imparting hip stability. Say goodbye to low back pain and hello to bigger, stronger, glutes!



Build bigger, stronger boulder shoulders and keep neck and back pain at bay. In this two-hour workshop, I share my favorite tips for maintaining a healthy upper body and improving movement mechanics. We address anatomy of the neck, spine, and shoulder before teaching athletes how to prep, perform, and recovery properly. This workshop is especially good for the overhead athlete.